A coalition of Yakima Valley voters says the redrawn 15th Legislative District dilutes Latino voter strength by excluding key Latino communities.
Mr. Billig Goes to (Olympia) WashingtonListen now (76 min) | The Senate Majority Leader from Spokane on 2021 and what to expect from the legislature in 2022
The Washington Attorney General sued Greyhound on behalf of people detained or arrested by the Border Patrol. The claims process is now open.
Spokane Regional Health DysfunctionListen now (51 min) | Samantha Wohlfeil on why our local public health system continues to hemorrhage staff
So why doesn’t the City’s budget yet have funding for an Office of Civil Rights?
The reporter who broke the biggest stories of our generation mentored generations of reporters and researchers
When the pandemic becomes endemicListen now | RANGE OF CARE | Building resiliency in the face of burnout, uncertainty and flux
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