Feb 22, 2022 1 min read

New site, who dis?

A phone shows a text exchange with the Substack contact asking, "U up?" and the response: "New site, who dis?"
Sorry, Substack. (Illustration by Valerie Osier)

Range is back with a site that is better and will only keep improving

Range is back with a site that is better and will only keep improving

We made it! Almost* all of our existing posts are migrated, and we will resume posting as usual this week.

As we said in last week’s email, everything should work exactly as before, but of course there are always glitches and other random issues, so PLEASE, if you have any problems, do let us know.

This is not a pain for us, it is profoundly helpful to make sure the new system works as well (and eventually better) than the old system. So yeah: do not suffer in silence, RANGE heads!

Thank you for your continued support

_Luke, Elissa, Val and the whole crew


We are FIVE paying members away from reaching our February goal of 100 paying members. If you’ve been on the fence, help us blow past the finish line!

*We migrated our most recent 33 podcast episodes but hit a snag with our first 17. We’re working on it.

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