Mar 6, 2023 2 min read

Become a RANGE member during March Matchness and multiply your impact!

Become a RANGE member during March Matchness and multiply your impact!
You don't have to know anything about basketball to participate, we PROMISE.

Last year, 26 of our readers tripled their impact while becoming RANGE members during our first-ever March Matchness. This year, will you help us set a new record?

That’s right—March Matchness is back! To sustain RANGE’s action-oriented, accountability journalism, we need at least 75 new members by the time we know the winners of our favorite college basketball tournament. (That’s April 3, for the non-basketball fans out there.)

TEN generous RANGEheads have put their resources together and have offered up matching funds for the next 75 new members!

That means that, for every new paying subscriber, an existing member will donate almost $20 to RANGE, multiplying your impact — but only if you become a member before April 3.

(You don’t have to care about basketball to have your membership matched.)

From our bottom-up reporting philosophy to being worker-owned, RANGE has always been and will always be by and for our community. Our work is representative of the issues that affect us all on the day-to-day. (That also means our inboxes and DMs are always open to topics you think we should cover. Just reply to this email.)

Bottom line? We love Spokane. You love Spokane. And together, we can make this city a better place for everyone.

Right now, it’s do or die for our collective responses to things like the region-wide housing crisis, police accountability and the fight for government transparency. When you become a member, you’re betting on journalism that speaks truth to power, demystifies our institutions, and gives people the tools they need to fight for their needs and desires.

We don’t know about you, but that sounds like a win to us.

So what do you say? Will you pitch in and become a member today?

In solidarity,

Luke, Val, Carl, and the RANGE team

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