Nov 2, 2020 2 min read

Almost Election Day roundup

Almost Election Day roundup

Whether you want to lean into the election drama or lean back with a good podcast about a great book, we got you.

Happy almost election day everyone!

We have a couple awesome podcast episodes to share but first, some exceptionally cool news. We’ve had some big stories in the last few days — that godawful Spokesman endorsement, the coup at the Regional Health District — and thanks to you Range-heads sharing them out, our subscribers have more than doubled in the last 5 days!

Super grateful to the old heads and everyone who has signed up, but it made me realize our welcome email is out of date. Let’s fix that with a quick


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Latest Podcast Episodes

016 | A Bad Case of the Wobblies feat. Jess Walter

Spokane’s favorite son comes on the pod and talks about his new best-seller, the Cold Millions, a hilarious, moving novel about a deadly serious fight for workers rights set in an almost unbelievably lavish and wild Spokane, circa 1909. Featuring Walter’s now trademark of real historical figures chumming it up with his fictional creations, it’s a bawdy, thrilling lesson in labor history with lots to say about the world today.

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017 | Election Special | Going to Extremes with Kate Bitz

Western States Center's Kate Bitz joins us to talk about the ever-percolating threat of white nationalism, it's roots stretching back to the founding of our nation and the settling of the Inland Northwest, why it's such a uniquely pernicious problem here, and how this history of hate might affect the election and how a Biden victory might embolden extremists the way the Clinton presidency did.

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That’s it for now.

Stay safe, take care of each other this week, and oh yeah:

In Case of Election Fuckery, CLICK HERE
(Election protection hotline)

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