May 3, 2021 1 min read

Missing but not forgotten

Missing but not forgotten

Jenny Slagle on giving voice to and seeking justice for missing and murdered indigenous people

If you or a loved one are experiencing domestic or sexual violence and would like help, the StrongHearts Helpline offers assistance from within an indigenous cultural context.

This week we speak with Yakama tribal member Jenny Slagle about some brutal, vital topics:

  • The disproportionality with which our indigenous neighbors go missing, experience sexual violence, and end up murdered
  • The structural poverty, ongoing genocide, and racist disregard that has allowed systemic failures to go unremarked-upon for decades.
  • The deeply personal impacts for families whose loved ones go missing.

It’s a heavy topic, but essential.


National resources


NCAI Violence against American Indian and Alaska Native Women findings (2018)
  • Over 80% of Native women have experienced violence.
  • Nearly 60% have experienced sexual assault.
  • 96% of those sexual assaults come at the hands of a non-Native perpetrator
MMIW Resource Guide created by the Lakota People’s Law Project. A great primer on the problem.
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