Aug 30, 2020 1 min read

EPISODE 013 | Boogaloo Bois feat. Leah Sottile

EPISODE 013 | Boogaloo Bois feat. Leah Sottile

Leah Sottile talks extremism in the Pacific Northwest.

This week’s guest is a big deal. How big? I’m just going to quote her bio in the New York frickin Times:

Leah Sottile is a writer based in Oregon whose work focuses on extremist ideologies, the anti-government movement and fringe cultures. She is the host and reporter for the podcast “Bundyville,” which has been nominated twice for a National Magazine Award.

I should have outlined it better in my intro, but I'll do it now: Bundyville is an absolutely essential look at extremism in the West and season two drills down specifically into our little nook of the Inland Northwest. Check it out.

She’s back in Oregon now but she’s lived in Spokane on and off for a good chunk of her life. I can’t think of anyone better to help look at the Boogaloo specifically and extremism more generally, both taking the national view and pulling some of the local threads.

Tremendously proud of this interview and grateful to Leah for carving two frickin' hours out of her busy schedule to hang out.



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