Sep 20, 2021 1 min read



This spring, lawmakers in Washington ended a number of dangerous law enforcement practices. Enoka Herat takes us through what the laws do — and don't do

Many of our local law enforcement officials have expressed concerns about a set of new laws (HB 1310, HB 1054) that, among other things, require stricter standards for probable cause when detaining someone, require de-escalation during encounters, ban chokeholds and significantly restrict the use of tear gas.

Despite the handwringing, it seems pretty reasonable to us, so we spoke with Enoka Herat of the ACLU Washington about what the laws do and don’t do

Further reading

A good primer from Crosscut about what police are allowed and not allowed to do under the law.

A good primer on carotid and choke holds in the Washington Post, and why 62% of the largest police forces in America banned them unilaterally … you know, rather than being forced to by their state legislature.

Note: early in the episode Luke calls himself lugubrious when he obviously — OBVIOUSLY — meant loquacious. We regret the error.

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