Housing Justice feat. Terri Anderson


The conclusion of our interview with the inimitable Terri Anderson, Spokane Director and Policy Lead for the Tenants Union of Washington this week on the podcast.

If you haven’t listened to PART 1, I really recommend you do so before diving in here. You’ll thank me later.

Things have not miraculously become perfect in the week since we posted the first episode, so it is still vitally important that you:


  1. Contact your state senator about:

    • SB 5160 | Offramp from the moratorium that helps tenants stay housed

    • SB 5169 | Prohibits rent increases for six months after the moratorium & limits increases to no more than CPI from six months to one year.

  2. Contact your state reps about:

    • HB 1236 | Just cause evictions

    • HB 1300 | Damage deposit reform.

  3. Contact the Tenants Union



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Edited by Connor Bacon
Recorded at Speak Studios. Check ‘em out.