EPISODE 018 | Analyze This (Pandemic) feat. Meg Curtin Rey-Bear



As the pandemic enters its eighth month, the nation is subsumed by the biggest wave of coronavirus yet and Washington State grapples with new restrictions, we spoke with Meg Curtin Rey-Bear, LMHC, co-owner of Wellness Therapies Spokane.

Meg and Luke had been talking about a more sedate version of this conversation, but when the new restrictions happened so the two hopped on Zoom and went to town.

It’s a deep conversation about the impacts this latest round of restrictions might have on people who are already exhausted from 8 months of pandemic during a time of year that is hard for folks during normal years, let alone when a once-in-a-century health crisis cancels Thanksgiving for everyone.

Over on the newsletter, Meg also wrote a helpful guide (then Luke added some dumb jokes) for building up the mental, social and even physical resiliency to get through 2020 and stand athwart 2021 like:

Check it out here.