Mar 29, 2021 1 min read

Healthcare and stadiums

Healthcare and stadiums

Marcus Riccelli on the legislature's work this session and his controversial take on a certain stadium location.

This week we talk with State Rep. Marcus Riccelli about all the work our state legislature has been doing this session. Including:

  • Public Health Reform

  • Universal Health Care

  • Capital Gains Tax

    • This one isn’t through the house yet and has an opportunity to get better, see below.

  • Just Cause Evictions

And last but not least … wait for it …

  • his controversial take on the downtown stadium.

What started as a spirited disagreement about our land-use priorities in the core became a interesting discussion of public debate, the civic commons, and clawing back our ability to engage even when we disagree as an antidote to the polarization crippling our world. Not gonna want to miss this one. And while you’re at it:


Capital Gains passed the senate without a rule that would make it take effect immediately. This gravely hurts the law’s ability to last beyond the next election cycle.
  • So Email your reps — including Riccelli — and let them know you want the wealthiest people in Washington to start paying their fair share now.
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