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Aug 4, 2022 1 min read

Agreeing to Be in Community

A photo of nine pigeons perched on a wire, some of them sleeping and some just standing there. In the background, two more w
We really do live in a society. (Photo illustration by Valerie Osier)

We’re back with the third installment in our RANGE of Care miniseries on productive disagreements at an interpersonal level and a societal level through the lens of family therapy and restorative justice.

This began as a conversation about how to have productive disagreements and quickly became a discussion about how do we change our criminal legal system, and maybe on our way to that needing to change our entire society and how we relate to each other—a small order, right?

Meg and Luke are joined again by Inga Laurent, Professor of Law at Gonzaga who studies, theorizes and helps implement restorative justice practices in court systems and schools.

So how can we teach our kids and ourselves to have open-hearted discussions when society teaches us overwhelmingly to seek punishment? And how can we do restorative justice when the system wants retribution and society wants retribution? What would it look like to drastically reframe society towards support and dialogue?

Because reconciliation fundamentally can't happen if we're separate from each other, either literally when one of us is walled up behind bars or figuratively when family members have a disagreement politically and don't talk anymore.

Inga and Meg talk about tools we can use in order to reconcile with one another and keep ourselves mentally safe.

Don’t miss this one, it’s a little like free therapy.

Catch up on the last two episodes here

RANGE of Care is a series of conversations on the intersections between mental health, the biology of human emotion, our bodies response and the social, cultural and political happenings in our communities. It’s hosted by Meg Curtain Rey-Bear, a Spokane psychotherapist. Luke usually chimes in too because he can’t help himself.

Host/s: Luke Baumgarten, Meg Curtain Rey-Bear
Producer: Valerie Osier
Sound Engineer: Brennon Poyner
Audio Editor: Connor Bacon

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